Happy National Travel and Tourism Week!

Established in 1983, National Travel and Tourism Week is an annual tradition to mark the U.S. travel industry’s role in stimulating economic growth, cultivating vibrant communities, creating quality job opportunities, stimulating business activity, and elevating the quality of life for everyday Americans.

Travel is an economic powerhouse, job creator, community builder — indispensable and irreplaceable. Last year, travel spending left a $2.8 trillion economic footprint on the U.S. economy, supporting over 15 million jobs nationwide while fueling other vital industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare, all of which depend on travel to generate business, spur innovation, and support education. Travel spending also generated $89 billion in state and local tax revenue to support essential services.

Missouri welcomed 41.9 million visitors in 2023, driving $611 million in state tax revenues and $19.9 billion in total economic impact. The tourism industry employs over 301,000 Missourians, with nearly 3,900 jobs in Cole County.

Travel is powerful for cities and states, and Jefferson City is no exception. Visitor expenditures in Cole County’s tourism-related industries were $192,986,567 in 2023. Not only is travel beneficial for the economy but it also does wonders for health. Those who take all or most of their vacation time to travel report higher rates of happiness with physical health and well-being compared to those who don’t travel as much.

*Information via the Missouri Division of Tourism FY23 Annual Report