When we’re planning a trip, we very rarely look in our own backyard. However, this season of travel will be a bit different for us, with Brad moving to a more demanding role at work. With this being said – we will be traveling more within our state than outside of it. To kick off Season 3 we decided to start in the heart of Missouri – Jefferson City!


Jefferson City is not only the state's capital but home to loads of history & some of the nicest people we’ve met while traveling! There are endless opportunities for family & budget-friendly entertainment, which as you know, is what we strive to find when traveling!



About Jefferson City

Jefferson City was originally laid out by Daniel Morgan Boone, son of the frontiersman. Named after the 3rd President of the US – Thomas Jefferson – the city was incorporated in 1825, with the general assembly moving to the city a year later. The capitol building that stands today is actually the 3rd building to stand as the seat of government in Jefferson City, with the first two burning down due to lightning storms.




In 1836, the Missouri State Penitentiary opened in Jefferson City. This prison was home to multiple famous Americans, such as James Earl Ray & Sonny Liston. During the Civil War, Jefferson City was occupied by the Union troops – with both the Union & the Confederacy claiming the city.



What To Expect In Jefferson City

Jefferson City is a rapidly growing city with old world charm. Home to 42,000 residents – Jefferson City may seem overwhelming – but the reality is, it still holds onto it’s small town roots – which makes Jefferson City the perfect destination.


Jefferson City Court House


Visiting Jefferson City, you’ll find locally owned shops, restaurants, historic statues & symbols, as well as a stunning view of the Missouri River. What makes the city really shine are its kind hearted & helpful people. We met many people who were eager to help & recommend their favorites to us during our visit.


When To Visit Jefferson City

Jefferson City is a beautiful destination to visit any time of the year! The seasons in Missouri offer a range of temps & weather conditions. Planning your trip around the seasons is probably the best bet for visiting. Do you want to see the frozen river with snowfall on the capitol? Or would you rather have sunshine & wildflowers blooming? The choice is yours!

During our visit at the beginning of April (it was also Easter weekend!) we enjoyed mild temps ranging from 50*F to 70*F & lots of sunshine! Many of the outdoor areas were decorated for Easter, including the Governor's Mansion pictured here.


Governors Mansion


Our Experience

This was the first visit to Jefferson City – and we were pleasantly surprised! The downtown area itself is large but surprisingly quiet. We spent most of our time walking High Street & enjoying the capitol grounds. The view of the Governor's Mansion from Carnahan Memorial Gardens is simply stunning, and you can always spot the dome of the capitol above the city skyline. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the capital city & can’t wait to go back!




Dining in Jefferson City is top-notch! We enjoyed a few locally owned locations, including Prison Brews for locally made beers & burgers, Arris Pizza for a Greek-inspired lunch buffet, as well as Cork & Board for pub food & board games. The girls especially enjoyed hand-dipped ice cream at Central Dairy! Each location gives such a unique experience to their guests & each brought our family joy during our trip.


Prison Brews
Micro Flight – $7.50
Central Dairy
Cork & Board


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Missouri Governor's Mansion

  • 100 Madison St.
  • (573) 751-4141

Inside the walls of the Missouri Governor’s Mansion, guests will have the opportunity to step back…

Carnahan Memorial Garden

  • 101 Jefferson St.

A striking complement to the Capitol Complex, the Garden, located next to the Governor's Mansion…

Prison Brews

  • 305 Ash St.
  • (573) 635-0678

Prison Brews is a unique brewpub located in the historic east side of Jefferson City two blocks from…

Arris' Pizza

  • 117 W. High St.
  • (573) 635-9225

In September 1961, pizza restaurants were scarce in Jefferson City. The City needed a family…

Cork and Board

  • 124 E. High St.
  • (573) 635-3643

CORK & Board is Jefferson City's one and only board game pub! It is owned by Cara and Adam Stark…

Central Dairy Ice Cream Parlor

  • 610 Madison St.
  • (573) 635-6148

For a refreshing break any time, stop in at Central Dairy for legendary ice cream treats. This ice…