Prison Break 2023

This isn't your typical fun run! The Prison Break will challenge you with every step, but you'll cross that finish line with a renewed sense of endurance. On August 26, runners will set out on a 3+ mile course that will test every facet of their athleticism. They will face wall climbs, mud pits, army crawls, and more. Breaking out of prison isn’t easy, and this course won’t be either. Are you ready to be pushed beyond your limits? 

This is not a timed race.

Registration opens June 1! Day-of registration begins at 6:45 am, and the first wave begins at 8 am.

Catch Me If You Can

Looking to include the kiddos in the fun? Sign them up for the adventure-filled Catch Me If You Can race through JC Parks! This is a 2.5-mile fun run and obstacle course designed for boys and girls ages 6-17.

Adults will be allowed to walk/run along with their children and can help them at the obstacles as needed. Volunteers will be along the route to help out as well. If you are wanting to complete the course with your child, you have the option of paying $10 and will receive a wrist band to let course volunteers know you can be on the obstacles with them!

Register here. The first wave begins at 9:40 am.

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