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The Marmaduke House: A History

Sitting atop the hill at the corner of Lafayette and Capitol Avenue, the Colonel Darwin W. Marmaduke House is home to the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Missouri State Penitentiary Museum. But aside from welcoming visitors, the walls of the mansion hold a vast history, serving…

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Beyond the Capitol: Historic Tours and Museums

Beyond the Capitol are historic tours and museums, where Missouri's stories are preserved and new ones are in the making. Tyler Beck Photography Missouri State Museum The Missouri State Museum allows visitors to immerse themselves in the history of the Show-Me State. Located in the state Capitol…

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A Hot Cup of Joe: The Cheery Side of Prison Life

Is there a cheerier side to life behind bars? Former maintenance staff member Larry Neal thinks so. As a longtime employee of the former Missouri State Penitentiary, Larry witnessed plenty of grim and gruesome occurrences. However, he prefers to focus on the more lighthearted encounters he…

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Historic Figures: Kate Richards O'Hare

“I am dangerous to the invisible government of the United States; I am dangerous to the special privileges of the United States; … I thank God that at this hour I am dangerous to the war profiteers of this country, who rob the people on the one hand and rob and degrade the government on the other;……

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Inside the Walls: Recreation at the Missouri State Penitentiary

Located in the lower lot of the Missouri State Penitentiary (MSP) sits an overgrown pavilion, overlooking a parking lot filled with the state vehicle fleet. Look closer, and you will see remnants of rusting gym equipment and a basketball court which, together with the pavilion that once served as…

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