When traveling to Jefferson City, feel free to bring your bicycle along for the ride! Jefferson City is a bike-friendly community that offers riders the opportunity to take on some fun trails or cruise along leisurely, the pace is up to you. You can bring your bike with you on the Amtrak and city buses, but be aware of the different rules and regulations.

Bikes on Amtrak:

The Amtrak allows passengers to bring their bikes with them on their trips. We encourage you to take a look at the FAQ’s for any questions you might have when transporting your bike via Amtrak.

Bikes on city buses:

City buses can easily accommodate riders with bikes. Racks at the front of each fixed route bus can hold two bikes.

Shuttle Companies to the Katy Trail:

Red Wheel Bike Shop offers a shuttle service to the Katy Trail. You can call 573-638-2453 to book your trip. Always make shuttle arrangements ahead of time to avoid getting stranded. 

Vehicle Parking when Riding the Katy Trail:

If you want to park your vehicle in Jefferson City and bike to the Katy Trail, check out this list of parking garages for your vehicle. We recommend parking in the Madison Street Parking Garage, as it is the closest parking garage to the Katy Trail. If you don't mind parking your vehicle in an uncovered lot, and would like to park closer to the Katy Trail, you can access the parking lots located in North Jefferson City at 808 4th St, Jefferson City, MO 65101. 

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