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Jan 20, 2022

This Place of Promise: A Historian's Perspective on 200 Years of Missouri History

Conceived as a way to commemorate Missouri’s bicentennial of statehood, this unique work presents the perspective of Dr. Gary R. Kremer, one of the Show-Me State’s foremost historians and executive director of The State Historical Society of Missouri, as he ponders why history played out as it did over the course of the two centuries since Missouri’s admittance to the Union. Join us as Kremer, a fifth-generation Missourian, infuses the historical narrative with his vast knowledge and personal experiences, considering what being a Missourian has meant, across many years to this day, for all of the state’s people. Kremer will reflect on how the forces of history—time, place, race, gender, religion and class—shaped people and determined their opportunities and choices, in turn creating collective experiences that draw upon the past in an attempt to make sense of the present and plan for the future.

Time: 7 - 8 pm

Location: Missouri State Archives, 600 W. Main St.

Cost: Free

Contact: For more information, contact or 573.751.3280

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