Aug 04, 2018

The Picadilly in White

The Picadilly is back for its fifth year as Downtown Jefferson City's fundraiser to benefit the beautification of the downtown area. Wear your "summer whites" cocktail attire. Small plates will be provided by several of Downtown's finest dining establishments. Beer, wine, and the Picadilly signature cocktail are complimentary. Water and lemonade will be available as well. Each guest will have a paddle number assigned to them. Items will be presented for bid from the stage, along with the designated bid amount. If you wish to bid, drop the designated amount in the bowl on your table and hold up your paddle. A number will be drawn (Bingo style) and announced. If your paddle number is drawn and you have bid on that item, then you are the winner and the item is yours. Unique to this event, the Piccadilly auction will allow attendees the chance to win big prizes for a very minimal amount (each item will be auctioned off for less than $5).

Time: 6:00 pm

Location: High Street between Madison and Jefferson

Cost: Tickets are $50 per person, $400 for a table of 8


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