Oct 18, 2018

The History of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

In "The History of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri," author Paul W. Bass documents decade-by-decade the 76-year history of the renowned United States Army installation. Built as one of the first training camps in American response to World War II, the fort continues to play an important role in the training of U.S. military personnel. Bass provides a detailed account of its construction; biographical information on the fort’s namesake, General Leonard Wood; and its contribution to the American war efforts during World War II, the Korean, Vietnam and Cold wars and the ongoing War on Terror. Join us as Bass recounts the compelling history of Fort Leonard Wood and its influence on the surrounding region.

Time: 7 - 8 pm

Location: Missouri State Archives, 600 W. Main St.

Cost: Free

Contact: For more information, contact Tracy Wegman at or 573-526-5296

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