Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau | Soldiers Memorial Plaza At Lincoln University
Soldier Soldier's Memorial Plaza at Lincoln University

820 Chestnut St, Jefferson City MO 65101

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820 Chestnut St
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Outdoor Attraction

To commemorate one of the most significant and selfless acts of empowerment, inspiration and commitment to higher education in history, Lincoln University developed, constructed and dedicated the Lincoln University Solder's Memorial Plaza. This monument serves as a permanent tribute to the Lincoln University founders - the brave and benevolent men of the 62nd and 65th Colored Infantries who served gallantly in the U.S. Civil War. Near the end of the Civil War, this dedicated and progressive-minded group of soldiers who served as "camp laborers" for union troops recognized the need for formal education and raised nearly $6,400.00 for a school in their home state of Missouri. The soldiers ignored racial divisions and boundaries and combined their resources to secure the initial funds for what was then known as Lincoln Institute. The presence of this memorial centerpiece on campus provides an opportunity for Lincoln University students, alumni, faculty and friends to gather together in support and unity and also to encourage thoughtful discussions of how we can work together to further promote the mission and vision of the University.

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