Are you a self-proclaimed foodie who tends to treat restaurants like attractions and you end up eating your way through new cities when visiting? Well, we are too which is why we asked our friends around Jefferson City to tell us what JC dish they loved the most and why. Check out some of their responses below and eat like a local today! 

I cannot get enough of Madison's Seafood Bisque and House Salad! I enjoy it the most on special occasions and chilly nights to warm me up. While I've heard everything on the menu is delicious, I can't resist ordering my new norm. – Alex W. 

Chicken Piccata at Domenico's! It is savory, smooth and pairs well with any wine! – Courtney B. 

So, my husband and I love The Grand. Everything on the menu is awesome but they make some of the best desserts! Their flourless chocolate cake, I mean... stupid good! Their craft cocktails are worth the trip to JC to try, too! – Alina B. 

Arrs’ panini paired with the broccoli salad at Arris’ Bistro. The panini is warm and cheesy and yummy, and the broccoli salad is just the best! – Suzy S. 

Anything at Paddy Malone's Irish Pub, but specifically the Boo Boo Burger. Or Fish n Chips. Or Shepard’s Pie. Three words: Guinness. Cheese. Sauce. I also think the beef and ingredients they use always taste so fresh and perfectly cooked. There's a lot of really good burgers in town, but Paddy's is at the top of my list. – Jay P.

JQ’s on High - the Piggie Nachos with a side of baked beans. I opt for no jalapeños, but I add the beans to the nachos and they are the best! – Megan R. 

My husband and I love Love Sushi! While we’ll eat any of their sushi, we really love their Korean menu. After living in Busan for 16 months, we miss the food from there, and Love Sushi’s bibimbap is delicious and authentic! – Natalie N. 

Chicken Marsala at O’Donoghue’s is so rich and creamy and layered with so many flavors! It’s definitely my go to! Then for dessert, I always go for the Key Lime martini! – Amy R. 

I’m gonna say TG’s chicken strips. Best in town, have a great bar food flavor and quiet atmosphere to enjoy a meal out. – Mitch R. 

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