Nov 14, 2019

Osage Women and Empire: Gender and Power

In her book "Osage Women and Empire: Gender and Power," Dr. Tai Edwards explores how men and women built the Osage Empire together, dispelling the traditional belief that it was through male prowess at hunting and war alone. Confronted with encroaching European settlers, Osage men and women increasingly focused on hunting and trade to protect their culture, and their traditional social structures—including complementary gender roles. Among the Osage, these functioned to maintain societal order and served as a means to experience, adapt to and resist the monumental change brought on by colonization. Join us as Edwards offers a fresh and nuanced picture of the critical role played by both men and women at the height of Osage dominance in the western Mississippi Valley and the later decline of power on their Kansas reservation.

Time: 78 pm

Location: Missouri State Archives, 600 W. Main St.

Cost: Free

Contact: For more information, contact Tracy Wegman at 573-526-5296 or email 

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