Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau

Aug 20, 2017

MRRL Solar Eclipse Activities

Children’s Programs
1-3 pm; Art Gallery (2nd floor)
1) Solar/lunar eclipse model: Bare lamp in the center, styrofoam balls on sticks to represent the Moon. For the moon phases and solar eclipse, a person holding a moon stick acts as Earth. For the lunar eclipse, a second person must hold a stick representing Earth. Lamp model:
2) Hula hoop orbit model: hula hoops demonstrate different orbital planes, showing why we don't see eclipses all the time. Both 1 & 2 are shown here:
 3) Pinhole Cameras: shining light through a pinhole in aluminum foil. We can have supplies for kids to make their own. Demonstrated here:
 4) Craters on the Moon: Pan of flour (and darker powder), circular Moon sheet on the floor, marbles. The flour stands in for the Moon's surface, and dropped marbles are meteors hitting the surface. The angle of attack changes the look of the crater, and photo examples of different types will be part of the station.

Teen Progam
1-5 pm; Story Hour Room (2nd floor) 
Hey teens! Drop by our Story Hour Room for a (virtual) trip to space. Travel to distant galaxies or explore our solar system; anything is possible with our VR headset. Spacesuits not required. 

Adult Program
Black Hole Sun: The Archaeology of Solar Eclipses
3:30-5 pm; Art Gallery
Solar eclipses are rare events that inspire shock and awe among observers today, but scholars are just now beginning to understand their importance and relevance among past cultural groups. From fear and apprehension to love stories, Dr. Christine Boston, professor of anthropology at Lincoln University, will explore incidences of solar eclipses as they have occurred in antiquity, addressing how they affected cultural ideology, inspired solar predictions and scientific inquiry, fed into mythology, and influenced individuals’ power.

Time: Children's Program 1-3 pm; Teen Program 1-5 pm; Adult Program 3:30-5 pm

Location: Missouri River Regional Library, 214 Adams Street

Cost: Free

Contact: Click here for more details

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