Dec 07, 2022

Landing After hours: Granny Women, Yarb Doctors & Other Missouri Folk Healers

Have you ever met a Missourian who claimed to “buy” people’s warts? What about carrying a buckeye in your pocket for luck, or using an herb poultice on a cut? As the people of the Appalachian Mountains traveled west, many settled in Missouri. With them, they brought a wealth of knowledge in practices of medicine and protection from a time when the nearest doctor could be more than a day’s travel away. Join Chief Museum Interpreter Carrie Hammond as she explores the types of Missouri folk healers, how they originated, and what we can learn from them today.

Time: 7 - 8 pm

Location: In person: Jefferson Landing State Historic Site, 100 Jefferson St., Jefferson City
Virtual: Missouri State Museum Facebook page

Cost: Free

Contact: Missouri State Museum

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