If you are looking to get outdoors and take in the fresh air, grab your bicycle or hiking shoes and hit the trails! Travel off the beaten path and check out a few of the “hidden gems” around Jefferson City or take on the Katy Trail State Park, one of the country’s longest developed rails-to-trails conversions. 

Katy Trail State Park
Stretching from Clinton to Machens, Missouri, the Katy Trail spans 240 miles across Missouri and allows individuals to take in some of the most scenic areas of the state. Nestled along the banks of the Missouri River, the trail offers a picture-perfect view of the Show-Me State’s capital city skyline and located only a short distance from JCMO’s downtown district. 

Frog Hollow Nature Trail
On a quest for a challenge? Check out the Frog Hollow Trail, which offers hillier terrain. If you are exploring this trail by wheels we suggest you bring your mountain bike, as you will experience jumps, hills, and a few rocky areas to really engage you on your ride. Pedals aren’t the only way you can get around on the trail - feel free to walk, jog, or run too.

The paved Greenway, which loops throughout 17 miles of the city, allows for exercise enthusiasts to take in a more leisurely route. This multi-use trail is designed for walkers, runners, skaters, and cyclists. Take in the many sights of Jefferson City while enjoying your time on this path – it’s a great way to socialize with the locals too! 

Binder Park
Binder Park is a perfect place to take on trails but also offers individuals a wide variety of other activities too. Visitors can throw a few discs at the park’s 18-hole disc golf course, sail and kayak on the lake, or enjoy the playground and picnic area.

Ride with Spin
Don’t worry about bringing your bike with you to your trail destination, instead check out Jefferson City’s newly installed bike-share program, Spin. With the bikes being dock-less, you have the opportunity to ride throughout the city and not worry about docking your wheels in a specific location. Explore the city at your own pace! 

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