There’s no sweeter way to treat yourself after a delicious meal or hard day's work than with one of Jefferson City’s mouthwatering desserts. From fudgy brownies to luscious cheesecake, these confections will tempt your taste buds. Calories don’t count when the food is recommended, right?

Prison Brews
If you are looking for a dessert that will make your taste buds sing, try the heavenly Debbie Brownie at Prison Brews. This fudge brownie is layered with chocolate chunks and marshmallows and drenched with a heaping amount of caramel. To make it all more pleasurable, it’s topped with ice cream. We can already hear the sweet sounds of feet pounding the pavement in our future after indulging in this dish.   

Chez Monet Patisserie
What better way to start your morning than with a bakery-fresh Danish? Chez Monet Patisserie shines when it comes to the flaky, fluffy treats. They offer a rotating assortment of Danishes, so make sure to stop in frequently to see what’s new!

Madison’s Cafe
Tucked away in the heart of downtown Jefferson City, Madison’s Cafe is a staple that serves up American and Italian cuisine. While it isn’t technically in their wheelhouse, you must try their made-from-scratch bread pudding drizzled in whiskey sauce. Any dessert laced with an alcohol-based sauce is an A+ in our book. 

Green Leaf Café & Coffee Bar
One of Jefferson City’s newest establishments, Green Leaf Café & Coffee Bar, might be new to the foodie scene but it is already making a huge splash among locals. The café serves an array of pastries, coffee, smoothies, bagels, and sandwiches but one of their most popular items is their gluten-free banana bread. Served with toasted pecans, this treat is one you won’t want to miss. 

Domenico’s Italian Restaurant and Lounge
Did someone say decadent? Drop by Domenico’s for their rich vanilla bean crème brûlée. Generously topped with the dish’s signature caramelized sugar glaze, you will be scooping up deliciousness with every custard-filled bite. It’s almost too beautiful to eat! 

This locally-owned and operated establishment is relatively new to the area having opened their High Street location in 2017 but has quickly grown to become a favorite among locals. Chef Laurel prides herself on preparing everything from scratch, with no added fillers or preservatives. You can’t go wrong with anything on this menu, but for dessert, you need to purchase the homemade Amazeballs; every bite of these specially prepared protein balls is full of love. Overindulgence never tasted so good with flavors like Gooey Brownie, ChocoCoco, and Cookie dough. 

Yanis Coffee Zone
If you are seeking casual and cozy, stop in at this coffee shop, a local hot spot serving classic Middle Eastern dishes. While their famous hummus and gyro dishes are quite tasty, we recommend you reward yourself with one of their homemade desserts. You’ll be hard-pressed to choose between their baklava and rugelach. 

Arris Bistro and Liquid Lounge
It’s dangerous to take on their dessert menu without an accountability partner as they offer a very extensive dessert list, but there is no better place in town for cheesecake than Arris Bistro and Liquid Lounge. Choose from traditional flavors such as original and key lime or go for their more unique selections such as crème brûlée and bananas foster (seasonal). We recommend ordering one to keep all to yourself; this dessert is too scrumptious to share.   

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